Organization of the Arista Bee Research Foundation


The board consists of at least four members. Its main task is supervising the policies and supervising management. The board appoints the Management Team, is responsible for the financial policies and supervises the presence of an approved research program.


Scientific Committee

The foundation has a Scientific Committee with experienced Scientists – each with specific expertise related to Varroa resistant honey bees. This Scientific Committee approves new project scopes, reviews running projects and determines the priority.


Scientific Cooperation & Advice

For specific topics, experts from universities, institutes and the field support us with their expertise and experience.


Management and employees

The objective is to recruit up to 5 employees once enough funds become available. It is planned to have one Management Team member (BartJan Fernhout), 3.5 project employees and 0.5 data management capacity.


 The Volunteers

It is planned to have eventually 25 part-time first-echelon volunteers. These are the volunteers which have regular contact with the staff from Arista Bee Research, are working directly in the projects and get support in the execution of their project activities (materials & methods). In addition to this first-echelon volunteers, an additional group of volunteers will be asked to join the breeding groups to test and maintain the newly created lines.



Students work in one of the cornerstone projects. These projects, with a mix of fundamental and applied research, will help us to better and more efficiently run our breeding and selection project.


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