For the first level of funding we will need 35 thousand euro per month. We will then be able to have 2 employees, 10 volunteers and 2 students. It is planned to grow in 4 years to 100 thousand euro per month, good for 5 employees, 25 volunteers, 5 students and 1 PhD. On the budget page more details can be found on the type of costs.

Please use the Donors page to support our foundation. Through this page you can indicate with which amount you would like to support us, which payment method you would like to use. You can use your own (online) bank account and do an (automatic) donation yourself. You can also use PayPal, automatic SEPA collection (within the EU) or Credit Card.

In each of these cases we would like to ask you to use the Donors page to become a donor as we will be able to send you a newsletter and use this information for our financial administration. We will use this information solely in-house and will not supply it to third parties. This Donors page will furthermore ensure that you will get the applicable paperwork to your home-address in the case this is needed (SEPA agreement or tax-related documents where applicable).

Thank you very much in advance for your support!


We would also like to ask Companies to support us. Please contact us by mail ( or telephone (+31 485 578716) for more details.

Tax deduction within the EU

The Arista Bee Research Foundation is officially declared to be an “ANBI” foundation. This implies that the foundation is an institution which is officially declared as supporting public welfare. Gifts to an ANBI foundation can be tax deductible if you are living in the EU.

Please check with the tax-authorities in your country or check our ANBI & Tax deduction page for more information.

Wild flowers  (Merit de Jong)

Wild flowers (Merit de Jong)