ANBI & Tax deduction

anbi_logo zwkThe Arista Bee Research Foundation is officially declared to be an “ANBI” foundation. This implies that the foundation is an institution which is officially declared as supporting public welfare. Gifts to an ANBI foundation can be tax deductible if you are living in the EU.

For a few English speaking countries the available arrangements for income-tax are presented on this page. Other countries are listed on their own language page.

United Kingdom United States of America

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom does currently not treat donations to foreign institution as deductible for income tax. This is being discussed by the European Commission.


United States of America

Donations to a charity organized under the laws of a European country are not deductible for income tax purposes in the US. Arista Bee Research will investigate the option to create a specific American Friends fund which would make gifts deductible for US income tax. We are open for support from a US charitable organization or person who can help us with such an arrangement.