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‘Arista Bee Research’ is a new foundation which was established after a year of intense preparations and which is fully dedicated to tackle one of the largest problems for the Western Honeybee – the parasitic mite Varroa destructor.

After thorough investigation, several visits to and extensive discussions with researchers, leading institutes, universities and opinion leaders in Europe and the United States, we have become very enthusiastic about the available leads and convinced of the necessity of finding a long-term and sustainable solution for what is currently such a big problem for the honeybee. By breeding a Varroa Resistant Honey Bee we will help to secure pollination in a natural way.

We hope to transfer some of this enthusiasm and conviction to you on our website. We reach out and explain to an as broad as possible audience what we can do together to strengthen the health of the honey bee and to make sure that it can continue to serve future generations as the most important resource for natural pollination. We hope our beekeeper colleagues, unfortunately all experts on the Varroa mite, will do the same.

Please take a further look on our website to read more about us, the Varroa mite, Varroa Resistance and our projects.

Obviously we cannot do this alone. We therefore invite you to become a donor of our foundation and join us in our endeavor to get our honeybees back on the healthy track.

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BartJan Fernhout

The Arista Bee Research Foundation.

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